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Many people feel like they are not living up to their true potential and the solutions they find to help them feel better often seem confusing and even mysterious. We help people cut through noise by bringing together time-tested disciplines to into an integrated team so the end result is you feel better, stay active and get back to life.

Wellness Services

Massage Acupuncture




Infrared Sauna Ionic Foot Soak Naturopathy

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Our Philosophy

The human body is remarkable in its capacity to heal and from time to time all of us need help with our health. If we can get out of our own way and empower the body to heal, there is not much it cannot find a way to overcome. Unlike popping a pill, true healing takes time, a strategic approach, and sometimes patience, determination, and trial and error.

There are so many ways to rev up the healing process. No one discipline perfectly meets every need. We are passionate about helping you understand both 1) the logic behind various healing modalities relative to a health challenge and 2) the body's healing process. Knowing these two things will help create perspective, realistic expectations and open the door for lasting healing and body composition changes. The more thoughtful and well-rounded one's approach, the greater the chance of success. How much better could you feel?    

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Two Pricing Options

A La Carte 

   1 3 Pack 10 Pack HP- Best Value
Chiropractic, Initial Visit* $175 - - $165
     Follow ups $75 - $65 ($650 Total) $65
Dry Needling, Initial Visit* $125 -   $115
    Follow ups $65 -   $55
Chiropractic & Dry Needling, Initial Visit* $200     $190
    Follow ups $110     $55
Acupuncture, Initial Visit* $150 - - $135 
     Follow ups $120 - $115 ($1,150 Total) $110
     Cupping, 30 min $80 - $75 ($750 Total) $70
Naturopathy, Initial Visit* $225 $399 ($1,197 Total) - $200 
     Follow ups $150 - - $125 
Infrared Sauna $60 - $50 ($500 Total) $0
Foot Soak $60 - $50 ($500 Total) $25

  1 Pack HP- Best Value!  
Swedish, Ashiatsu Floor      
     30 min $75 $65  
     60 min $120 $110  
     90 min $160 $150  

Thai Foot Reflexology, Deep Tissue, NMT, Thai Herbal, Hot Stone, Swe-Thai, Thai (90 only)
     60 min $130 $120  
     90 min $175 $165  

     60 min $110 $100  

*Initial visit required


Talk with us about setting up a Custom Health Portfolio!

Looking for a great way to invest in your team? Check out our Corporate Wellness Programs.

1058 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, VA 22204

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Unless otherwise noted, all services have a 1-year expiration date and carry a 24-hour cancellation policy. Failure to give 24 hours notice of an appointment cancellation will likely result in a forfeiture of that session. After 72 hours from the time of purchase all sales are final and refunds will not be given.

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