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Meet Stephanie. Meet Jen. Meet Sarah.

Weight loss isn't about finding a secret formula. A lot of people feel stuck, unsuccessful and even ashamed with their constant efforts to lose weight. The Weight Loss Academy is designed to help people deeply clarify and resolve their biggest obstacles to weight loss, and map out an adaptable plan so they can be capable, empowered and confident to live up to their potential.

What is the Weight Loss Academy?

It's a series of four, 1-hour Webinars where You’ll Learn how to:

Session 1:
Figure out why you’re stuck
  Session 2:
Clarify the most important goals
  Session 3:
Mentally preparing for the climb
  Session 4:
Build the habits of high achievers
Engage in a deep self inventory to clarify spoken and unspoken belief and behaviors holding you back.
Use the deep self inventory to ask better questions so you can begin the work of designing your goals.

Map out a plan of achievement, tracking and accountability complete with buffers for known and unforeseen challenges.
Design personal eating plans, structure and select the best exercise plan, develop a winning mindset and much more.

Meet Your Hosts


Christian Elliot
CEO and Founder, Life Coach, Health Coach,
and Personal Trainer to achieves
who are driven to become more
Nina's Head Shot

Nina Eliot
Chief Marketing Officer, Personal Trainer,
Nutrition Coach, mom of four, Wonder Woman,
rescuer from “Get-Healthy-Quick" Schemes

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Academy Panel of Experts

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
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Carolyn Larson


Carylynn is a leadership coach with a passion for health and wellness. While her professional life focuses on the success of business leaders, she concurrently founded and supports a non-profit dedicated to those seeking peace with food. Cary holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is a both a certified coach and master facilitator. Perhaps most importantly, she's a wife, a mom, and an avid supporter of community engagement.

Deborah Bumbaugh


Deborah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her MSW from The University of Maryland and a BS from Villa Julie College. As a psychotherapist, she greatly enjoys partnering with clients to discover internal skills and abilities that assist with tackling the challenges of life. Deborah has experience treating teenagers and adults with an array of clinical concerns including depression, anxiety, life transitions, and disabilities. In addition, she shares a desire to incorporate Interpersonal Neurobiology throughout the treatment process. In addition, Deborah enjoys using mindfulness based approaches alongside EFT based concepts. Her approach is warm, encouraging, and non judgmental.

Ryan Krupa


Ryan is a co-founder of MOSAIC. He is most devoted to the art of leadership as a noble endeavor. The writings of the Warriors, Sages, Saints, and Philosophers serve as teachers, guides, and anchors to his continuous seeking of Truth. He currently specializes in creating leadership development programs for US Special Operations Units.

Prior to MOSAIC, Ryan served as a Captain in the US Marine Corps, a strategic manager at the Center for Creative Leadership, and a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting and KPMG Consulting.  Previous clients have been Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Yahoo, Amgen, Genentech, Deloitte, and the Department of Defense. He also earned a M.S. in Leadership and have completed over 2,500 hours of leadership training.

He prays each of us finds our way to the truth of who we are, why we are here, and what we are here to fulfill.
Leslie Ann Quillen


Leslie Ann is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Metabolic Effect level two Fat Loss Nutrition Coach. She started Fat Loss Foodies in 2012 to create a niche in the fitness & nutrition industry for female foodies.

Fat Loss Foodies teaches women how to cook and eat real food for fat loss. Leslie Ann is the creator of Fat Loss Cooking School, a four-week online program and one-day workshop that combines the science of hormonal fat loss with fun recipes and cooking demos.

When she's not in the kitchen, Leslie Ann can also be found in gyms all over the East Coast, training Les Mills group fitness instructors in programs like BODYPUMP® and BODYCOMBAT®. Leslie Ann lives in Greensboro, NC, with her husband, dog, and cat.

Want to get the Weight Loss Academy for FREE?

The WLA is included for FREE in all of our Accelerated Fat Loss programs!

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Only $25/session!
Each session is purchased individually
Replay recordings are available for registrants.



Only $5 or included for FREE in all of our Accelerated Fat Loss programs!

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Web Images-33_copyTop 7 reasons why you're stuck

Web Images-33_copy5 common blind spots of change

Web Images-33_copy5 dirty little secrets of health and fitness marketing

Web Images-33_copyDeep self inventory- asking the important questions

Web Images-33_copyDetailed goal setting system

Web Images-33_copyDealing with obstacles

Web Images-33_copyMuch more! 
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