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Amy's Obstacles 

I had succeeded in my weight loss goal but feared losing momentum and motivation and gaining back the weight.  I have always struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a social life that includes a lot of dining out and drinking, and I needed to find a group of people who could allow me to be social while being healthy.  Also, before TRUE, my fitness goals were always determined by weight loss and calories burned.  I needed this journey to be a lifestyle change and not another diet.

Amy's Success Story

I’ve been obese for most of my adult life.  I spent the first three months of 2015 on an extreme weight loss mission and succeeded, but my diet and exercise regime was completely unsustainable.  I needed to set new goals and transition to a healthy lifestyle to keep off the weight.  Persuaded by friends, I signed up for a Spartan Race with TRUE.  To prepare, I joined the TRUE Fit group for bootcamp three days a week and fell in love with the people, the work outs, and the morning sunrise.

TRUE turned out to be way more than a fitness studio.  TRUE is filled with healthy, happy, encouraging trainers, instructors, and clients who challenge you to reach your goals, who celebrate all of your accomplishments, big and small, and who make working out and healthy living attainable and fun.  Because of TRUE, I am learning how to transition this weight loss journey into a healthy lifestyle.  Down to a clothing size I never thought possible, I continue to learn about nutrition and fitness, grow stronger and healthier, and shed excess weight in a safe and sustainable way.

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Jon's Obstacles

I was stuck and had plateaued physically due to numerous debilitating injuries. It's difficult to describe the frustration and depression that I was experiencing. I have always been committed to maintaining my physical fitness through intense functional training. But, I was dealing with what I thought was a "new normal," and that new normal didn't include this kind of training and wasn't something I could accept. I knew there was more, but had no guidance on what that was.

Jon's Success Story 

It honestly boggles my mind to think about where I am now. 5x better would be an understatement. True has showed me how to rehabilitate my injuries while strengthening my body and mind. With proper support from all angles, my injuries are almost a non-issue and I'm currently training for a Navy Seal Hell Week Crucible. There is no way I could have done this without Christian!

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Meghan's Obstacles 

I have a busy work schedule and I am a mom of two. I wanted to make my health a priority but needed assistance making it all work. It was difficult to regularly find and schedule time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as to keep accountability to my commitment. I also needed support for improving my overall nutrition knowledge and consistently putting it into practice.

Meghan's Success Story

TRUE’s classes and programming provided me with ways to succeed and meet my health and wellness goals. With consistency I have seen results- first in my clothes and then with my weight. Now I'm fitting back into most of pre-pregnancy clothes and heading towards the size, fitness and lifestyle I had begun to implement a few years ago when I first met TRUE (before my last baby was born). My cardio has vastly improved and continues to get better through MetCon and Zone classes. Finally, I am really enjoying getting back to Olympic lifts and strength training with the Bars and Bells class; I feel amazing after every class.

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