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Tier 1

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Tier 2

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Tier 3

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Classes Included in Each Tier:
BodyFlow Les Mills
BodyPump Les Mills
Boot Camp
Circuit 45
CXWORX Les Mills
Dance Pilates
GRIT Les Mills
Pilates Mat
All the tier 1 classes PLUS:
Bis, Tris, and Thighs
Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon)
Yoga Stretch

1 Personal Training Session/month
All the tier 1 & 2 classes PLUS:
Bars and Bells
Kettle Bells and TRX
Pilates Reformer
TRUE Zone Training
TRUE Boxing

1 Personal Training Session/month
Pre-sale, limited availability!
Month to Month:

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Month to Month:

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Month to Month:

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$590 total ($708 Value!) 
Pre-sale, limited availability!

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$1,341 total ($1,788 Value!)
Pre-sale, limited availability!

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$3,591 total ($4,788 Value!)
Pre-sale, limited availability!

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 Extras you will not find at other boutiques  

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Open Gym Hours (8am- 6pm)  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1
Locker Rooms  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1
Infrared Sauna  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1
Childcare: $5/hour first child, $1/hour each additional child (please submit requests at least 24 hours in advance)  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1
Workshops  $25/workshop  $25/workshop  FREE
30-min Strategy Session/month    Web Images-33_copy1  Web Images-33_copy1
First dibs on Time-Based Fitness Programs      Web Images-33_copy1
Free Childcare (please submit requests at least 24 hours in advance)      Web Images-33_copy1

Membership Brochure

Don’t see an option that’s right for you?
Ask about customizing your own Health Portfolio.

Have children? Check out our Kid Fit program and Summer Camp!

Proud to Offer a Police, Fire, Military Discount: 
Tier 1- $5 off/month, Tier 2- $15 off/month, Tier 3- $20 off/month

House Rules:

Every house has it’s rules… and here are ours:

  • Drop in class rates of $10, $22, and $45 for each tier respectively.
  • Late cancel fees of $5, $10, and $20 for each tier respectively. No exceptions. Late cancels are anything inside 24 hours of scheduled class.
  • 30-day membership cancellation policy.
  • Minimum registrations per class are 3, 3, and 2 respectively.  If minimums are not met within 12 hours of class, class will be cancelled. For confirmation of cancellations, first see online class schedule, second social media, or third specific instructor. 
  • Billing date can be adjusted once per 12 months.

Class Schedule 

Please note that classes are subject to change.
For the most up-to-date information, please view our online schedule.

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