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Too many people focus on the wrong things when they go to the gym. Through personal coaching and camaraderie we help people get the most out of their workout so they can feel the results and stop feeling like they are throwing money away at a gym membership.

Fitness Services

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Our Philosophy 

Exercise is an experience that is equal parts emotional and logical.

It tests us in ways that few other experiences do. It is the feelings we get from it that keep us coming back, and it is the logical benefits of it that can cement exercise into our routine as a discipline to keep for a lifetime. No health measure replicates the benefits of exercise. Whether in solitude, or amongst friends, whether as a sacrifice of time for a greater purpose, or as simple enjoyment unto itself, exercise can enhance every aspect of our lives from our productivity, to our relationships, our mood, our strength, our resiliency, and how capable we are as we age. We never graduate from needing it.

Our mission as exercise professionals is
to do everything we can to make exercise an emotionally enriching experience, and give you the logical tools to master your goals. We aim to help you exercise in a way that honors your body’s needs, your personal goals, and makes you as TRUE-ly fit as possible. Often, people find one thing in the fitness world that they gravitate toward and ignore other important aspects, thereby creating overuse injuries and potentially even burnout. We are passionate about changing that, about opening people's minds to the breadth of what they can enjoy and achieve, about showing people how to set goals and reach them in a holistic way.


Two Pricing Options

A La Carte 

  Per Session Rates
   1 12 Pack 24 Best Value!
Personal Training, Pilates      
     30 min $65 $60 ($720 total) $55 ($1,320 total)
     45 min $90 $85 ($1,020 total) $80 ($1,920 total)
     60 min $100 $90 ($1,080 total) $85 ($2,040 total)
     Buddy Sessions $120 $120 ($1,440 total) $120 ($2,880 total)
Tier 1 Classes $10     
Tier 2 Classes $22 ($18 HP)    
Tier 3 Classes  $45 ($35 HP)    
Kid Fit $20 $18 ($216 total) $15 ($360 total)

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Class Schedule 

Please note that classes are subject to change.
For the most up-to-date information, please view our online schedule.
1058 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, VA 22204

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