Client Corner - Robert Boursiquot

What brought you to Health and Wholeness? Rob:  Originally, I was seeking an edge to my workout routine since I tend to reach a plateau with my body rather quickly.  As a result, I consulted with Christian Elliott who was my Personal Trainer between 2007 and 2010.  After a conversation with Christian during a Health and Wholeness Open House, he suggested a consultation with Sumi Singh for an aggressive, effective, and efficient nutrition and workout regimen.  This is precisely the edge I sought.  Based on the lack of results I noticed on my own, I realized that my challenge stemmed from my nourishment consumption.  I soon learned that Sumi was the solution to my challenge. How many days of the week do you train and for how long? Rob:  On my own, I was working out 4 to 5 times regularly for 30 to 45 minutes prior to my program with Sumi.  Of note, this was a gradual progression.  Originally, I started working out twice a week due a busy work schedule.  As I began to feel more lethargic and winded from simple everyday activities, I increased my workout frequency to 3 times per week...then 4...then 5.  At one point, I reached 7 times in one week and STILL no results. Under the auspices of Sumi, she taught me how to be mindful of my caloric consumption coupled with a dynamic workout routine.  The results are irrefutable.  I began to notice significant progress within two weeks.  By the time I reached the first milestone date, I overshot my original goal.  This occurred with the second milestone date as well. What are your biggest motivators? Rob:  Maintaining a fit lifestyle has always been a goal of mine, however, this time I wanted more definitive, physical results. What is the most significant change you have made/noticed since coming to Health and Wholeness? Rob:  By far, the most significant change has been my nourishment (food and supplement) consumption and portion size.  I eat much healthier now than I did before I was under the direction of Sumi.  Of note, I ate healthily before, but my regimen lacked some basic elements.  Further, my workout routines had become static. What have you learned about yourself since starting your journey with us? Rob:  The best lesson I have learned throughout this journey is will power.  I am reassured that one of my strengths is pure will power. What advice would you give someone starting on his/her own health journey? Rob:  I have 3 pieces of advice that I have found priceless: 1) Be consistent...start small and continue with small progressions 2) Be persistent...do not allow obstacles to discourage you 3) The secret to success is 1 and 2. My journey with Sumi Singh has been quite enlightening.  Not only have I surpassed my fitness goals, but I have also acquired some unexpected benefits as well.  I feel more alert in mind, agile in body, and confident in spirit.  Sumi has unlocked a whole new person within me, for which I am extremely grateful.  Thank you Sumi!


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