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What Makes Us Different

A lot of people feel ashamed of their bodies or stuck in bad patterns that prevent them from reaching their goals. At TRUE we help people create a holistic, sustainable plan so they can overcome the obstacles getting in the way of optimal health. Call us today and we'll help you take the first step toward your TRUE potential. How do we do it? We're more than just a gym. We Coach the Whole Human.
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Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 12.44.36 PMHow We Coach the Whole Human. We know it can be intimidating to come to a new place, be among people you don’t know, and work to change your health or heal your body. We also know investing in your health is not without sacrifice, and we pledge to create an exceptionally welcoming environment with people and experiences you can't wait to get back to. We work to earn your trust every time you visit, to regularly revisit your goals, and to help you ask better questions so you can feel confident you're spending your money wisely.

Most people instinctively know their health is not about one thing. We use a seven-part framework to help people see the big picture, and with that in mind we guide them through setting realistic goals, understanding the emotional part of the change process, and breaking the cycle of falling back into bad habits so they can move forward confidently with their health. 

Web Images TWO-79_copy2People usually have one of three scenarios why they are stuck. They either 1) don’t have the knowledge of what steps they need to take, 2) they have a realistic sense of what they should be doing (but can’t seem to apply that knowledge consistently over time) or 3) they think they know what to do but suffer from bad information that leaves them stuck in a loop of feeling bad, waiting until the discontentment is too strong to ignore, seeking out a plan, implementing the plan for a short-time, getting derailed, and falling off the wagon.

Taking care of your health is what empowers you to live a good life, to attract the mate you’ve been looking for, to be present and active in the relationships you have, to seek out and enjoy adventure, and life a life of significance.  Through our coaching (and from living this out ourselves) we’ve helped thousands of people understand their definition of whole-life success, and what it means to create ongoing health strategies to make that life possible. 

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Watch the TRUE Transformations

Amy, Jon, and Meghan had challenges just like yours. Watch the video below to see their stories.

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What is Poor Health Costing You?

Web Images-33_copyIs it effecting the amount or quality of romance in your life?

Web Images-33_copyIs it keeping you from being promoted?

Web Images-33_copyDoes poor health effect your confidence in social settings?

Web Images-33_copyAre you missing out on adventure?

Web Images-33_copyAre the side effects of too many medications taking their toll?

Web Images-33_copyIs it keeping you from starting a family?


Don't let what you don't know, ruin the life you could have!

YOU are worth investing in. It's time to get your mojo back! We've helped thousands of people avoid those pains and regrets and we can help you too.

Don't Watch from the Sidelines.

 Get started today! Start feeling better tomorrow! It's time to do it right this time!

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